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The San Diego MLS or San Diego Multiple Listing Service has just went through a major change The San Diego MLSand now allows real estate agents in San Diego County to search with more accuracy for their clients. There are many more fields that agents have to fill out when entering a new listing for sale in the San Diego MLS. Searches that were never before possible are now just a few clicks away. Although many real estate agents in San pacific-beach-mapDiego have a search the MLS feature on their real estate web site and practically all of the homes that agents can see in the MLS so can the public there is a difference between the public’s view and the agents view. Of course there’s confidential information that the public won’t see that the agent will but also the fields that are searchable to the agent are far greater than what the public can have.

We have a great San Diego MLS search feature on our San Diego Real Estate Web Site. The maps in our Search the San Diego MLS are incredible and the speed of our MLS Search Engine is the fastest I’ve seen. This is a great place for someone looking to buy a San Diego Home to be looking and using the tolls we offer for FREE. Many time buyers will email us homes they want to see and we’ll show then the homes from our web site. After that first meeting we can narrow down exactly what the buyer is looking to buy and email them specifically what they want directly from our San Diego MLS – the one that San Diego Agent’s use. This narrowing down and pinpointing is what we have to offer our clients that make their San Diego home search on the San Diego MLS that much more effective and easy.

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