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How to Sell a San Diego Home for Cash 

There are many reasons to sell a home for cash in San Diego. Sometimes, for reasons known to the seller, they need to sell their home fast and a cash offer is the easiest and fastest way to do it. Cash offers don’t need an appraisalCash for Homes San Diego and there’s no long financing process like there is with a government backed loan such as VA, FHA or Conventional. There may be a hard money loan involved but this is as good as cash. 

At The Lewis Team we work with many investors and flippers that are always looking for fixers and opportunities to purchase a home fast. We have helped countless home owners sell their homes to investors quickly. If a seller needs to sell we will contact all of the investors that we work with to get the seller top-dollar from the investor that offers the most money and the best terms. When I say we can get the home sold fast for cash, I mean sold within days not weeks or months.

Some of the top reasons why home owners come to us to sell their real estate for cash are:


  1. Home needs lots of work (in disrepair) – Sometimes houses are not in the best condition. There are many reasons for this. An owner cannot afford to maintain or upgrade their home. People, especially as they get older, are on a fixed income. The cost of living goes up and they don’t have the money to properly maintain the property. We actually see this a lot. The owner would love to take care of the home and do some upgrades but Fixer Upper House in San Diego Cash Offerthey just don’t have the income or savings to do it.  
  2. Loss of a job – Sometimes people lose their jobs or source of income. Instead of missing mortgage payments or depleting their savings they decide to sell. They may rent for a while or move out of the area but selling their San Diego County home quickly is what they need to do in their current situation. They may also really need the cash at this moment in time.
  3. Inheritance and Probate Sales – When people inherit real property they may not want to do a traditional sale that may take several months. Sometimes there are multiple members that have inherited one property which can make the offer/counter offer process long and complicated. They opt for a quick cash sale and move on. In many cases they inherit properties from elderly that had a home that is very old and out dated. Sometimes these homes may also have some deferred maintenance and repairs that make the property unsellable to a buyer financing with a VA, FHA or Conventional loan. Some homes in disrepair are cash only because they cannot be financed. 
  4. Divorce Sales – Let’s face it a divorce situation is not something anyone wants to go through but if it does happen many couples want to get through it as fast as possible. Homeowners going through a divorce can count on a quick sale with a cash offer from an investor or flipper. This allows a couple to move on and get on with their lives. Since we work with many investors in San Diego we will get the best price and a quick sale. 
  5. Need to sell for 1031 exchange fast – A 1031 exchange, which allows an investor to sell a property, to reinvest the proceeds in a new property and to defer all capital gain taxes, sometimes puts a homeowner in a situation where they have to sell a property fast or they won’t be eligible for the tax deferred exchange. In some situations where time is of the essence a cash deal will make the 1031 work. 

Whatever the reason a homeowner in San Diego need to sell a home fast and for cash make sure you contact The Lewis Team at Big Block Realty. We have a proven track record of getting home owners multiple cash offers on their home, condo, multi-family, duplex, triplex, fourplex, land or any real estate they need to sell. The consultation is free and if the investors don’t meet your price and terms then you don’t have to sell your home. Why not find out today if a cash sale of your home is the right move for you.

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