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Fast growth comes to an end creating “The San Diego Foreclosure Boom”. The fast San Diego Foreclosure Boomgrowth that we saw here in Southern California and particularly San Diego has come to an end. The skyscrapers in Downtown San Diego that were forever changing the city skyline form year to year have slowed to a snails pace and the ones that are still building wish they hadn’t. The new master planned communities that allowed so many families to achieve the dream of homeownership in beautiful well thought out communities with parks and pools and brand new schools. They grew from all parts of the county from the old ranches in Chula Vista to the big movie star estates in North County Coastal and inland a ways.

Now that the fast growth is over where is the growth now? The growth has slowed and is even non existent in many areas of the county but the massive growth from recent years gone by has created another boom a more affordable boom. The San Diego Foreclosure Boom. Homes are now in some areas half the price they were only 2 years ago and the master planned communities with all the great parks and pools and schools are still there and are just as beautiful as there were then. First time home buyers are buying homes at steep discounts and families that had to short sell their homes 2 years ago are now jumping back into the market to buy again. What’s also fueling this foreclosure boom are all of the investors pulling money out of the pockets of the crooks on Wall Street and buying real estate that they truly have some control over. The San Diego Foreclosure Boom is on. Make sure you get yours before it’s over.
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