Technology Preferences by Generation

Technology use by generation

It’s undeniable that technology has impacted our lives in just about every way possible.

From text messaging to paying for merchandise with a smartphone, consumers have their preferences, and they vary by generation.

Could not get by without their cell phone or smartphone

  • Millennials 74%
  • Xers 63%
  • Boomers 49%
  • Matures 41%

Would rather communicate via text message than talking on their cell phone or smartphone

  • Millennials 72%
  • Xers 54%
  • Boomers 31%
  • Matures 16%

Would like to be able to make payments by scanning their cell phone or smartphone

  • Millennials 64%
  • Xers 43%
  • Boomers 25%
  • Matures 12%

I’m an Exer and as a San Diego real estate agent working with both buyers and sellers I notice that younger generations really like to use technology to communicate effectively. I do notice that Millennials and Xers like to text to communicate way more than Boomers and Matures. 

Either way I can help you buy a home or sell your home, it doesn’t matter how you want to communicate, we can get the job done.  Ready to buy or sell a home in San Diego? Contact The Lewis Team at Keller Williams and we’ll get started right away.

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