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Sailors and Marines relocating to San Diego can count on local real estate expert Dawn Lewis and her team to help them relocate to San Diego. The Navy and Marine Corps make up the vast majority of the military presence in the San Diego area and are a vital factor to the identity of San Diego and its long military history. Dawn Lewis and her team have helped many Sailors and Marines and their families with relocation to San Diego and have done so with attention to detail that would make an Admiral or General proud.

San Diego is home to thousands of Sailors and Marines and there are several large Navy and Marine Bases in San Diego County. Whether you are an officer or enlisted we can help you find just the right home or condo for you and for your family. We respect your time and your family’s time and will work within your schedule to show you properties that meet your criteria for a new home in San Diego.

If you’re relocating to San Diego within the next 6 Marines relocating to San Diegomonths contact us now and we can start emailing you homes and condos in the areas of San Diego you are considering relocating to. We can also get you hooked up with a great local lender to start the VA Loan process. We can email you information about things in communities that will help you choose where you’re going to call home after you arrive to your new duty station in San Diego. Our local Military Relocation Real Estate Agents can help with your decision making process because of their knowledge of the areas they specialize in.

When you need help with San Diego Military Relocation make sure you contact us. Where agents know it’s more about the people than the house.

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