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With San Diego real estate moving in an upwardly direction over the past couple of months recent interest rates could slow home buying activity. Home buyers inSan Diego Interest Rates Attack Market San Diego have been, in some areas of the county, fighting over homes that come up for sale. Many San Diego home buyers have offers in on short sales and jump all over the bank owned REO foreclosures the day they hit the market.Higher Interest Rates Could Slow San Diego Real Estate Market Recovery Unfortunately the bank owned REO’s already have offers on them the day they come up for sale and sometime even before they show up in the MLS.

This has many home buyers frustrated and wondering what they have to do to get a house or condo in today’s San Diego Real Estate Market. Another issue that has been waiting to rear its ugly head is interest rates. When interest rates rise home buyers see their purchasing power reduced. Keep in mind when interest rates go up the monthly payment for a homebuyer also goes up and sometimes more than what they are comfortable with.  Many times the lender will have to reduce the purchase price of what the homebuyer can qualify for.

This scenario can also have a real negative effect on the real estate market in general. If a home buyer wanting to buy a home has had a certain purchase price and monthly payment in mind for a certain size and quality of home and then they’re told that they can’t buy the same home at the same monthly payment, many of them will decide not to buy. Some will wait for the homes that they were recently able to buy at a certain price range to come down into the loan amount of what the comfortable monthly payment is that they had already had their hearts set on. Some of them won’t be able to afford the same home they thought they could buy and won’t settle for less of a home now. These factors could show a decline in demand and then a decline in home prices. We’ll have to wait and see. Oh, and don’t forget about the foreclosures to keep the median home price in San Diego from gaining too much ground. There are a few years of that left.

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