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We are the Chula Vista Short Sale Experts. When you need to find out about short selling a Chula Vista home we’re the ones to call. We have helped countless Chula Vista Chula Vista Short Sale Expertshomeowners short sell their homes and get them out of a tough, stressful situation. Banks and lenders have more than ever been willing to accept short sale offers rather then foreclose on homes in Chula Vista. Since we are experts in the Chula short-sales-faceVista Short Sale Market we can help you work with your mortgage holder to see if this is a good option for you and your family.

If you need to find out more about short sales and what your options are we can answer all of your questions and the call and meeting are confidential. Knowing what your options are puts all of the information out on the table so you can make an educated choice. When it comes time to consider a short sale in Chula Vista contact us right away.

Chula Vista Short Sales

What is a short sale?

Definition of a short sale is: When a homeowner owes more money to the lender through their mortgage on their home than what the home is worth. The mortgage holder or lender agrees to accept less money for the home than what the loan payoff is. In many cases lenders will accept an offer from a buyer represented by a real estate agent that is less then what the home was purchased for. This can be a better option for a homeowner than having the bank foreclose on the home.

If you have any questions on short sales in Chula Vista contact Mike and Dawn today. We can help you sell your home through a short sale and possibly avoid a foreclosure. If you would like to see what short sale homes in Chula Vista that are for sale contact us today. Dawn Sells San Diego in Chula Vista California. Your Chula Vista Short Sale Experts.

If you are considering a short sale in Chula Vista send us an email or give us a call, we would love to help.

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Dawn Sells San Diego in San Diego California. Your San Diego Short Sale Experts.

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