San Diego Home Buying ProcessHome Buying Process in San Diego

Home Buying Process

The San Diego Home Buying Process has many stages. Please call us to help you navigate your home buying transaction.

Get Pre-qualified by a Lender

  • Obtain a pre-qualification letter.

Property Research and Tours with Agent

  • Your Agent will research the market for you.
  • Your Real Estate Agent will show you homes.

Find the Right Home and Write an Offer

  • Work with you agent to right a good offer.

Present the Offer

  • Your real estate agent will prepare a presentation highlighting the benefits of your offer and your strength as a buyer.
  • Your agent will present the offer to the sellers agent and they will present to the seller.
  • The sellers will either accept the offer, counter offer, or reject it.

Counter Offer

  • Your Real Estate Agent will will discuss the counter offer if needed and how it relates to your goals and prepare a response.


  • When signed by all parties, the listing agent will open escrow.
  • Your earnest money will be deposited at this time.The escrow officer will order a Preliminary Report and send copies to your agent and lender.

Loan Application

  • Submit a completed loan application to the lender of your choice and provide the lender with all the necessary documents.

Contingency Period

  • Buyer’s approval of Seller’s Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement “TDS”.
  • Buyer’s approval of Preliminary Report.
  • Physical inspections/pest inspections.
  • Property appraisal and loan approval.

Home Owners Insurance Coverage

  • Select an insurance company and discuss coverage.
  • Give insurance agent information to escrow; Escrow will need to order a copy of the policy for the new lender prior to escrow closing.

Signing Documents

  • Your lender will send the loan documents to the title company.
  • You will receive copies of the title documents and lender documents.
  • You will need a current phot I.D.

Down Payment and Closing Funds

  • Submit a cashiers check to the title company several days prior to closing.
  • The escrow officer will provide a Buyer’s Estimates Closing Statement which will itemize your costs and credits with an estimates of total moneys due.


  • The lender will send funds to the title company.

Close of Escrow

  • The deed will be recorded at the County Recorder’s office by the Tile Company (you will receive the original back from the County Recorder in approximately 6 weeks).
  • Your Realtor will coordinate with you the transfer of the keys and delivery of possessions.

Move in!